Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A video at last

Heres a video of me playing around with the final 'prototype' version of the gloves. They need making again really to be perfect but im pretty pleased with progress so far. Basically they are controlling a load of sounds and effects which are looped via a midi footpedal.
It also uses a little bit of max code which takes an input, records it, creates a markov table of probability for what note you will hit next and then outputs permutations on this data, so it keeps the flavour of the original input whilst mutating it, its pretty damn cool if I do say so myself and probably the best bit of max programming that i have done.
Also there are no pre-existing loops used in this, some arps yes but loops no
Anyway enjoy a video of me messing about with the gloves

Construction6 from TheAudientVoid on Vimeo.

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